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IJSEA Archive (Volume 2, Issue 4)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA)  (Volume 2, Issue 4 - April 2013)

Automated Drilling Machine with Depth Controllability

G.Niranjan, A.Chandini, P.Mamatha



    Keywords: Mechatronics, Limit switch, Motor shaft, Mechanical transmission section, Depth control mechanism.

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        Estimating the drilling depth while drilling manually through a conventional drilling machine is extremely impossible, often the job will be failed due to the over drilling. In many cases, after completing the drilling work, it is very difficult to measure the depth; especially thin holes depth can’t be measured. Therefore an automatic drilling machine that performs the function of drilling according to the drilling depth generated & forwarded to the control circuit is essential; hence this project work is taken up, which exposes the technology of special purpose drilling machines. The Electrical drilling machine designed here is quite useful for mechanical workshops. The machine is constructed with power feed technology is aimed to drill the job up to certain specified depth, For ex: if a particular piece of job is supposed to be drilled to a limited depth, doing it manually consumes lot of time, because every time depth has to be measured through a crude method, thus estimating the drilling depth is quite complicated. For this reason this machine is designed &its mechanical movements are restricted by programming the drilling depth through a potentiometer interfaced with microcontroller.

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