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IJSEA Archive (Volume 6, Issue 12)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA)  (Volume 6, Issue 12 December 2017)

Design and Performance Evaluation of an Air-Blast Atomizer

Dr. Olusegun Adefonabi Adefuye, Benneth Ifenna Okoli


Keywords: Air-blast atomizer; stainless steel; kerosene; spray cone angle; furnace; foundry.

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        The present work describes the design, construction and experimental investigations of an air-blast atomizer for half spray cone angle of 30° using stainless steel for foundry application. Outline detail of experimental setup to investigate effect of injection pressures on spray and flame lengths, the amount of fuel and the time taken to melt some selected materials was studied. An experimental study of air-blast atomization was conducted using the manufactured atomizer in which the fuel (kerosene) flows under gravity at angle 45o from the tank and was atomized by the oxygen stream flowing in a cylindrical channel from a pressurized oxygen bottle (cylinder). Produced air-blast atomizer was experimentally investigated at different pressures ranging from 3 to 15 bars in the step of 3 bars [6]. As the injection pressure was increased from 3 to 15 bars, the spray and flame lengths increases. From 6 to 12 bars, visible increment was observed in the spray and flame lengths due to increase in injected pressure which led to breaking-up of the liquid film into small droplets. As enough pressure was provided from 12 to 15 bars, spray and flame lengths increased appreciably. 0.6 kg of aluminum melted in 13 minutes 43 seconds using 0.5 liter of kerosene; the volumetric flow rate and the mass flow rate obtained was 6.075*10-7 m3/sec and 4.921*10-4 kg/sec respectively. Similarly, 1.2 kg of brass melted in 17 minutes 13 seconds using 1 liter of kerosene; the volumetric flow rate and the mass flow rate obtained was 9.680*10-7 m3/sec and 7.841*10-4 kg/sec respectively. The furnace efficiency of 2.2 % was calculated from the theoretical and actual energy used for melting the metal [6].

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