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IJSEA Archive (Volume 7, Issue 7)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA)  (Volume 7, Issue 7 July 2018)

Desalination and Characterization of Salty Soils from Upper Myanmar

Win Ei Ei Tun, Ei Mon Khin , Si Si Win


Keywords: salty soils, Electrical Conductivity, Exchangeable Sodium Percentage, Randomized Complete Block Design

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        A preliminary study is made to manage the reclamation of salt-affected soil sample from Oak Twin Village, Nahtogyi Township, Mandalay Division in Upper Myanmar. The three layers (0-0.5′, 0.5-1′, 1-1.5′) of salty soil samples are collected after the end of rainfall season (October) and stored with moisture tightness plastic bags. Characterization and classification of soil types are done before the soil remediation. From observing the analyzed data, the soil is classified as saline-alkaline type. The initial pH values for the three layers are found to be 10.6, 10.4 and 10.3 respectively. The original properties of soil sample are also examined in this experiment and the second layer (0.5' -1.0') is the highest value, 9.478 dS/m in the salinity profile ECe (Electrical Conductivity). The amelioration measures for saline-alkaline are required two approaches, the replacement of exchangeable sodium by calcium from gypsum treatments and removal of displaced sodium by leaching. The experimental design is set up as Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with 4 treatments and 4 replications using 16 flower-pots is done with the three layers soil. The results showed that ESP (Exchangeable Sodium Percentage), ECe, pH values of 3 layers are decreased to a certain level (ie. salinity is reduced) after 4 weeks intervals. Reduction efficiency for the conditioned soil of the surface soil layer in this work, reveals that 12.03% for soil pH, 68.59% for ECe and 60.29 % for ESP. This method is economically feasible for the soil management. Rice plant growth is tested on the gypsum treated soil and it can be seen that the germination is quite well, whereas no germination is occurred in salt-affected soils. From these results it can be drawn that salinity effects on rice crops of growth and yield in this selected area is negligible after using with this approach.

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