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IJSEA Archive (Volume 7, Issue 8)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA)  (Volume 7, Issue 8 August 2018)

Design of a Microcontroller Based Automatic Voltage Stabilizer with Toroidal Transformer

Thet Htun Aung


Keywords: Myanmar, Household Electrical, Stabilizer, Input And Output Voltage, Electric Power Supply, Distribution, Microcontroller

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        Every electrical and electronic appliance is designed to work perfectly at a certain input voltage. In Myanmar, household electrical and electronic appliances are designed to work properly at 220VAC, 50Hz and most of the times the voltage supplied from distribution companies are as low as 130VAC making this appliances to work under threat of low voltage supply. This low supply voltage causes these appliances to malfunction and in most cases damage them. Since the electric power supply/distribution companies are unable to provide the consistent adequate voltage level (220VAC) demanded by these sensitive appliances, therefore there is need for consumers to protect the appliances from damage and ensure their safe operation, hence the use of automatic voltage stabilizers to improve the situation. In this research work, a PIC16F877A microcontroller was programmed to monitor the input voltage from distribution companies and if voltage level is between 130 VAC and 250VAC, it gives a constant output voltage of nearly 220VAC required by the appliance. The model parameter calculated from the design information.

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