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IJSEA Archive (Volume 7, Issue 8)

International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA)  (Volume 7, Issue 8 August 2018)

Design of Robot Arm imitating Human Arm system using PID Controller

Pan Myat Phyu , Dr. Yin Yin Soe , Daw May Thu Aung


Keywords: gyro sensor; Arduino; PID controller; master; slave.

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        The purpose system is to connect humans and robots in order to reproduce operator action at a distance. An inexpensive, a lightweight and easily controlled robotic arm with human interface is developed. The developed robotic arm is fully functional and accurately reacts to the movements from the human arm. The purpose system consist of a ‘master’, a human arm, and a ‘slave’, robot arm, located at a remote site. The human arm is given position force and the slave receives a position reference from the human. The human user wears 2 sensors on his/her arm. These sensors relay position information to the robotic arm. This can be achieved with the help of simple Gyro sensor at the joints of the user arm. The Position-force is designed and implemented using a PID controller. PID controllers are most popular and most often used controllers in industry. Popularity of the PID controllers are due to their wide range of operating conditions and functional simplicity. Different types of tuning rules have proposed which can fine tune the system to get desired response. In this, manual tuning method of PID controller is used to control of position of DC motor using Arduino microcontroller. Overall aim is to make the microcontroller understand human body language, thereby bridging the gap between machine and human. This thesis presents a PID controller method by using MATLAB R2017a simulation and experiment result to accurate robot action is similar to human arm action. According to the result, the robot action is similar human arm action to 98%.

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