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IJSEA Mission  

IJSEA is an international journal for scientific papers dealing in all areas of Science and Engineering that is committed to timely publication of original research in the field. The real motivation behind IJSEA is to help academic and industrial community by providing them the required platform for publishing their own innovative and research work that in turn will help the society by meeting their and future requirements. The journal publishes original and high quality research work that attracts contributions from different communities involved in research work related to field of Science and Engineering.

IJSEA Invites papers from all fields of Science and Engineering. Research area includes

• Science • Computer Science
• Neural Networks• Electrical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering • Software Engineering
• Information Technology • Electrical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering • Plastic Engineering
• Food Technology • Textile Engineering
• Nano Technology & science • Electronics & Communication Engineering
• Power Electronics • Chemistry
• Computational mathematics • Image processing
• Physics • Civil Engineering
• Biology • Structural Engineering
• Medical Electronics • Environmental Engineering
• Information Technology • VLSI Testing & Low Power VLSI Design
• Image Processing • Data Mining
• Algorithm and Complexity • Electrical Engineering
• Web Services • Computer Networks
• Software Engineering • Bioinformatics
• Cloud Computing • Computer Networks
• Neural Networks • Network and Software Security
• Pattern Recognition • Optimization Techniques
• Computer Architecture • Embedded Systems and Applications
• Software Testing • Mining Engineering
• Mechanics • Software Testing
• Metallurgical and Materials Engineering  

And many more fields from Science and Engineering.


Frequency : 12 issues per year
Subject : Science and Engineering
ISSN : 2319–7560(Online)