IJSEA Volume 2 Issue 4

WSN Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

Amol R. Kasar, Dnyandeo S. Khemnar, Nagesh P. Tembhurnikar
keywords : Air Pollution, AtMega16 microcontroller, MG811 Sensor ,MQ6 Sensor,MQ135 Sensor, Real Time, ZigBee, WSN

Air pollution monitoring is extremely important as air pollution has a direct impact on human health and environment. In this paper we introduce a wireless sensor network system for participatory air pollution monitoring. The traditional air quality monitoring system, controlled by the Pollution Control Department, is extremely expensive. Analytical measuring equipment is costly, time and power consuming. In contrast to traditional air pollution monitoring stations, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of low power, low cost WSN based Air Pollution Monitoring System which provides real time monitoring of polluted materials at proper locations by using distributed (real time) air pollution monitoring systems.
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