IJSEA Volume 7 Issue 10

Design of Blade for 5kW Propeller Turbine

Khaing Zaw Lin
keywords : propeller turbine; runner blade; guide vanes; blade profile; SolidWork.

Hydropower is one of the most cost effective solution for the production of electricity and thus preventing global warming. Micro-hydro power scheme can be designed and build by local staff and small organizations by using materials that can be available at local marketing. In this paper, the design of 5kW propeller turbine is presented. The available head and flow rate for turbine are 2.2 m and 0.38 m3/s. The required speed to produce desired output power is 762rpm.The calculated specific speed for this turbine is 727. The main important parts of turbine such as runner, guide vanes, casing and draft tube. In this design the runner blade is mainly intend. The detail design of the runner blade profile is calculated by using Microsoft Excel .Runner blades are divided five sections and three dimensional blade profiles are drawn by SolidWorks software. The calculated runner diameter is 0.310 m and hub diameter is 0.124 m.
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