IJSEA Volume 7 Issue 10

Study on the Behavior of Bored Pile Foundation for Sixteen-Storeyed RC Building

Kyaw Lin Htat, Nyan Phone, Kyaw Lin Htat
keywords : bored pile foundation; soil bearing capacity; pullout capacity; lateral load; settlement; deflection

Pile foundation are used extensively for the support of bridges and other structures to transfer structure loads to the ground and to avoid excess settlement or lateral movement. It can be installed without appreciable noise or vibration. This paper presents the behavior of bored pile foundation for sixteen-storeyed reinforced concrete building. Superstructure analysis and design are carried out by using ETABs software. All reinforced concrete members are designed by ACI (318-99) and load considerations are based on UBC-97. Necessary checking is carried out for the stability of the superstructure. All checking for stability of superstructure are within the limits. Required soil properties are obtained from soil report. The allowable bearing capacity is calculated by Meyerhof’s Method, Vesic’s Method and SPT Method and the average value of these result is finally selected. Analysis and design of pile foundation are made by using ETABs software and pile caps are designed by SAFE software. In design of pile foundation, the required pile length and pile diameter is 50m and 800mm. Number of pile in the group are vaired depending on column load and total required number of pile is 114 nos. The required thickness of pile caps are 1.4m,1.8m and 2m. The tensile strength of bored pile is greater than the pullout capacity for single and group pile. And then checking the pile settlement, lateral load and deflection is within the allowable limit. Therefore, the design of bored pile foundation for this proposed building is satisfactory.
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