IJSEA Volume 7 Issue 10

Design of Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor Used in Elevator

Aye Mya Mhway,Nan Win Aung,May Nwe Yee Tun
keywords : Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor (SLIM),Equivalent Circuit Model, Linear Machine Design

Linear induction motor (LIM), is basically an advanced types of motor that is use to obtain rectilinear motion instead of rotational motion as in ordinary conventional three phase induction motors. The LIM has been used in many different applications starting from moving sliding door to high speed trains around the world, due to easy maintenance, high acceleration/deceleration and no need of transformation system from rotary to translational motion. There are different types of linear induction motors (LIMs), among them, single-sided linear induction motors (SLIMs) are widely used in transportation system. In this paper, the methodology for the design of a single-sided linear induction motor which will accelerate the secondary (Aluminum sheet) with a specified mass with the required acceleration to the target distance are suggested and described. The SLIM design and performance equations and design procedure are developed and its predicted by using equivalent circuit model. Longitudinal end effect and other effects account (transverse edge, saturation ,etc.) are ignored in this study.
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