IJSEA Volume 7 Issue 10

Evaluate and Improve High School Students for Some Skills using Quality Function Deployment

Rania Ahmad Elrifai
keywords : Quality Function Deployment; Total Quality Management (TQM); School Curriculum; High School; Relationship matrix; House of quality

The current study, which deals with the quality of education, is an identification of the necessary needs from the point of view of faculty members regarding the skills required for secondary students. These are the necessary requirements that must be met in the course of secondary education before the student joins scientific faculties to proceed to a higher academic stage. The Department of Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems at the College of Engineering at the University of Benghazi proposed the teaching of some of the skills already included in the existing curriculum in order to prepare the students for the next stage (undergraduate) through the quality function of publishing technology. The key stakeholders in this audit were identified as the faculty members of all departments (Industrial Engineering and Information Systems, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Petroleum and General Department) and secondary teachers. Customer expectations that were immediately identified through the survey of all faculty members were summarized and prioritized. The requirements of the two shareholders differed only in their order of priority. The requirements were then converted to quality characteristics.
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