IJSEA Volume 7 Issue 11

Remote Controlled Ground Rover for Collecting Objects and Sensing Environment

San Hlaing Oo, Aung Aung Soe, Sai Saing Won
keywords : Arduino microcontrollers, base station, ground rover, robotic arm, sensors

In this paper, three main portions of ground rover, robotic arm and base station with remote control have been designed and implemented. The ground rover provides driving on the rough paths or in places where there cannot be accessible by people for collecting objects. On this ground rover, robotic arm has been implemented to collect the objects within visible range. Temperature, humidity and gas sensors are used to sense the environment condition where the ground rover has gone. Real time sensing data can be monitored at the base station, which has been communicated through 433 MHz transmitter and receiver pair from the ground rover to the base station. Arduino microcontrollers are used as the main units of automation for the remote control system of the ground rover and base station. In addition, flash memory module is set up at PC in the base station as the backup system to store the sensing data. The main purposes for this project work are to provide detection on the environment condition and to collect the specific objects.
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