IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 1

Foliar Fertilizer Production from Waste Fish

Saw Htun Htun Naung
keywords : foliar fertilizer; waste fish; protease enzyme; catfish; Calotropic gigantea latex; macro and microelements; Kjeldahl

A foliar fertilizer is superior to regular solid types of fertilizers in terms of efficient assimilation by the cultivated plants. In this paper, production of foliar fertelizer is based on easy and low-cost process. A laboratory scale experiment was built to utilize waste fish and protease enzyme. The waste of Nga-myit-chin (bone, head and tail), freshwater and marine catfishes were selected for protein containging raw materials. Calotropis gigantea latex was chosen as protease enzyme. Proteolytic hydrolysis of waste fish was easy to set up. Macro and microelements present in fish hydrolysed solution were analysed by Kjeldahl method, flame photometry, Nessler?s method and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. All the contents of macro and microelements in fish hydrolysed solutions were compatible with theoritical data. Thus the resulting fish hydrolysates were found to be suitable for foliar fertilizers.
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