IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 2

Implementation of Solar Dryer for Using Betel-nut drying at Boke Pyin Township, Myanmar

Hla Myo Aung, Moe Sam, Zaw Min Naing
keywords : solar dryer house, DC fans, PV module, betel nut drying, air temperature

The farmers who cultivate the Betel nut plants typically dry the betel nuts on the ground, in the open air, a process that takes about 45 days and the quality is not so good. Therefore, the decreasing the price obtained by the producers. This solar dryer house decrease the drying time by 10-15d days, thereby yielding a higher quality product. The dryer builds a parabolic roof structure covered with polycarbonate sheets on a concrete floor. The dimension of dryer is 10fts in width, 20fts in length and 8fts in height. Two 20-W DC fans powered by two 100-W PV modules were used to ventilate the dryer. The dryer house was built at U Aung’s Betel nut plant field in Boke Pyin Township, Tanintharye region, southern part of Myanmar. Therefore, greenhouse type solar dryers are recommended for natural betel nut drying from farmers. According to the performance test, the results also showed that drying air temperatures in the dryer varied from 35°C to 60°C. The betel nuts dried in this dryer were completely protected from animals, insects and rain. Moreover, good quality of betel nuts was obtained. The estimated payback period of this greenhouse solar dryer for drying betel nuts is about one year.
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