IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 2

Impact of Information Communication Technology on Business Firms

Sura Khalil Ibrahim, Zainab Taha Jebur
keywords : information communication; Technology; Business Firms

The importance of using Information Communication Technology (ICT) such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic commerce (e-commerce) by business firms cannot be overstated. ICT applications have been the major interest of researchers and practitioners due to the benefits that can be generated from these applications. The purposes of this study are to find the impact of ICT technologies and application on business firms. An intensive literature review has been conducted to identify the trends and patterns of academic researches. Suggestions based on the review have been made. There are gaps in the literature pertaining to the role of e-commerce and ERP. More studies needed to fill the gaps. The finding shows that most of the studies have focused on adoption factors, benefits and barriers of e-commerce rather than using e-commerce in area such as productivity and cost. The relationship between ERP and productivity was found to be significant.
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