IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 3

Metro Train Safety and Ticket Checking System

C. Ananthakumar, D. Edison Selvaraj, E.Krishnamoorthy
keywords : DC motor, metro train, IR sensor, Fire sensor, GSM, RFID module, Arduino uno.

Nowadays the modern technologies are helpful in all aspects of our life. Due to this lots of development done in the field of transportation. Thus it can be seen from the trending aspects of railways that they are primarily focusing on increasing the speed rather than SAFETY of the passenger. An efficient utilization of RFID with embedded system facilitate the smart ticketing in metro trains is proposed. This system explains the installation of RFID reader circuit in each and every train stations in metro rail to facilitate the calculation of ticket and passenger .So this system is useful to protect precious lives of passengers and minimize the heavy damages due to the fire accidents control .The objective of this paper is to design an Automatic Fire initiated braking and water pump system for trains .This system consists a microcontroller, motor, fire and smoke sensor, fan, and alert system.
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