IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 3

0-1 Integer Programming Formulation for Solving the Student Project Assignment Problem

Houda A. Elmogassabi
keywords : Integer programming, assignment, Lingo program

The assignment process for graduated students at the beginning of each semester is an important process for all academic programs at Benghazi University. This paper presents a model that includes a number of constraints relating to the minimum and maximum number of students in each academic program and the prerequisites and corequisites for each project in each academic program. The objective is to determine a way to assign students to projects according to their preferences. A linear grade function that represents the preferences of each student is introduced to be maximized. A 0-1 integer programming formulation is proposed that was implemented using data from the 2008 fall and 2009 spring semesters in the Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Department at the University of Benghazi in Benghazi, Libya. The assignment solutions were obtained using different preference criterions and were then compared with the solutions previously obtained using a manual system.
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