IJSEA Volume 8 Issue 4

Home Automation and Surveillance: A Review

K.S. Pachpor , Dr. C.N.Deshmukh
keywords : Home automation, Surveillance, Raspberry Pi, OpenCV, CCTV, ZigBee, XBee, SimpleCV, Cloud, Gamma ray etc.

Home automation and Surveillance systems are being consistently undergoing changes due to developments in electronics and communication fields. Right from telephone controlled home appliances and simple camera based system, the Home Automation and Surveillance today has entered the IoT era. Home automation makes life easier by providing all home appliances control at single point which is mostly a smart phone. Surveillance requirement is rapidly increasing in domestic and commercial applications due to its low cost and ease of deployment. This paper takes stock of how Home Automation and Surveillance systems have been changed and implemented. Home Automation and Surveillance related literature of last 7-8 years has been referred for the review.
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